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UTILAUtila, Honduras Islas de la bahia

Columbus on his fourth voyage on July 30, 1502, discovered the Bay Island of Guanaja. Shortly thereafter, Spain enslaved the natives on each of the Bay Islands (Guanaja, Utila and Roatan). Eventually, English pirates invaded the Bay Islands in search of Spanish treasures, and many pirates made Utila their home.

In 1642, an agreement was made between the supreme authority of Guatemala, the Governor of Havana, and the President of the Audience of Santo Domingo to send an expedition to the area to expel the English pirates.

Utila Ferry Schedule         

The Utila PrinUtila, Bay Island, Hondurascess is a ferry that travels twice a day between the port of La Ceiba and the Utila dock. There are two watercraft used by the Utila Princess to ferry people.

One is large and has an indoor, air conditioned area for seating, in addition to an outside rear deck area for seating; the other is a smaller cat-a-maran, which has indoor [air conditioned] seating only. Seating consists of long benches that run the length of the boat.

The ride is approximately one hour, depending on the weather. Arrive twenty minutes prior to departure time, except during busy times of the year such as Easter and Christmas, when you are better off arriving a good hour or more prior to departure time.

You are permitted two pieces of luggage and one carry-aboard. The Utila Princess personnel are quite accommodating, and if you have more luggages, it is typically allowed, but they will charge you.

Make reservations if you have a large group.

Carry-aboarUtila, Islas de la Bahia, Hondurasd food items and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. There is no food or drink sold on the ferry.

A ticket on the Utila Princess costs 500 lempiras ($25 USD) each way. There is also a departure tax of 40 lempiras [$2 USD] when leaving from La Ceiba. Children 6 to 12 years old travel at half price when with an adult and children fewer than 5 travels free when with an adult.

Phone: Utila Princess in Utila: (504) 2425-3390 and 2425-3392
Phone: Utila Princess in La Ceiba: (504) 2408-5163 and 2440-7877

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