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Amapala, Honduras, c.a.

Amapala was founded following Honduras' desire for a port in the Pacific Ocean; particularly in the Gulf of Fonseca. The port was created under the decree of October 17, 1833, ordering the establishment of a port on Tiger Island "Puerto del Tigre Island". The area is 80.7 km². In 1869, the Municipality of Amapala, in the Valle Department, was officially established, and given the municipal code of "1703". Thirteen villages were recorded at that time:

170301 Amapala
170302 Coyolito

170303 El Zope
170304 Gualorita

170305 La Flor
170306 La Pintadillera
170307 Los Langues
170308 Playa Grande
170309 Playa Negra
Amapala, Honduras
170310 Playa o Punta Novillo
170311 Puerto Grande

170312 San Carlos, or El GarroboAmapala, Honduras
170313 San Pablo

In 1876, Amapala reached its peak of popularity and became the capital of Honduras. The leader of Honduras at that time was President Marco Aurelio Soto. Sometime thereafter, the Pacific port for Honduras was changed to Henecán. Henecán is near San Lorenzo on the mainland of Honduras. Amapala quickly lost its high profile thereafter, and many people left for the mainland to find work.



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