La Mosquitia

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LA MLa Mosquitia, Honduras, c.aOSQUITIA 

La Moskitia (La Mosquitia) The northeastern coast of the country of Honduras is called La Moskitia, and is a "real" jungle, as it is heavily forested and has many swamp areas. There are few roads, and getting there by ground is an adventure in itself.

You will have to drive on the beach, and in some cases actually in the tide. Also, expect to cross rivers and swamps using (home-made) barges that have been made to move vehicles from one side to the other.

Eventually you will run out of road though, and have to get into dugout canoes called "pipantes"; some with motors, others propelled by man power. La Mosquitia, Honduras, c.a.

Horses and donkeys are also used to aid carrying cargo and people. There are many species of birds, and alligators and crocodiles gliding along beside you on the ride. During a full moon, their red gleaming eyes can be seen at night as you make your way down the many rivers of the Misquito Coast.

To experience this in a phenomenal way, use a tour operator. We highly recommend La Ruta Moskitia, which operates as a RARE project, and has created a sustainable business model for the locals to be involved in the tourism growth of the area.

If you are not up for all this adventure getting there, you can fly from La Ceiba into Puerto Lempira and/or Brus Laguna. At Brus Laguna, you can see CanonLa Mosquitia, Honduras, c.a. Island, which still has many of the canons used during the pirate days, as well as hideouts used by both the Spanish conquistadors and the British soldiers and pirates.

There is also a ferry you can board in Trujillo which travels to and from Puerto Lempira weekly.

No visit to Honduras can be considered complete without going off the beaten path and experiencing La Moskitia! If you did not allow time for this excursion, you have left reason enough to re-visit Honduras.

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