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JorJorge Restrepo Honduras Artistge Restrepo
tel: (504) 776-6019

Jorge Restrepo Honduras Artist

Studied Drawing and painting at the academy of art, Jesuit School in Medellin, Colombia, Jorge has had six individual exhibits at Honduras, Dominican Republic, and El Salvador. 

Nine Collective exhibits in France United Kingdom, United State, Honduras, ColJorge Restrepo Honduras Artistombia, and Brazil.  His paintings are collected in different countries. 

You can contact Jorge Restrepo in Honduras, and visit his studio by appointment.  Jorge lives at 30 minutes from Tegucigalpa.  By commission his painting could be get at Copan Ruins and Roatan


Laura Quiroz Honduras ArtistLaura Quiroz Honduras Artist
Laura's Quiroz main source of inspiration comes from scenes in Honduras, where she lives. 

Her works are done with watercolors, a technique she has learned and perfected over the years. 

She attended an intensive course at the Jose Cecilio del Valle University with the American renowned artist Rose Edin, as well as a variety of other workshops in el Salvador and Honduras. 

She has partLaura Quiroz Honduras Artisticipated in three different collective expositions: "Signs and Beauty" (2004); "Our land and its People" (2005) and in the "IV Festival of Honduran Painters". 

Laura currently lives in Tegucigalpa with her family, and can be contacted at telephone 930-3838


JosJose Francisco Pinto Redeznoe Francisco Pinto Rodezno has an outstanding ability to reflect different facets of everyday life in a colonial city like Tegucigalpa.  His work depicts parks, church towers and narrow streets, where people learn to live, love and die.

The artist developed his love and interest in drawing and painting as a young boy, and after graduating as a Bachelor in Foreign Languages from the National Autonomous UniversitJose Francisco Pinto Rodeznoy of Honduras 1987, he chose to dedicate his time as a professional painter. 

Pinto Rodezno has held many different exhibitions, both on a national and international level, amongst the most important ones we can mention Expo Barcelona in 2001; in 2003 he participated in a collective exhibit in the Americas Ballroom at the Organization of American States in Washington D.C. 

Jose Francisco Pinto Rodezno

In 2005, he held an exhibit at the Museum of Seoul in South Korea and another in New York City.  In May, 2006, he participated in an exhibition in the Province of Holguin, in Cuba.

He has received many awards, including a second place in the international contest of painters organized by the Italian – Australian Academy in Melbourne, Australia in 2004.  Closer to home, he was distinguished as painter of the year in Jose Francisco Pinto Rodezno2004 by the Premios Extra TV in Tegucigalpa.

The XII Floral Games, celebrated in his home town of San Marcos de Ocotepeque were dedicated to him in 2001


Carlos GarayCarlos Garay Honduras Artist
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 1943
E mail:

Carlos Garay
is one of the most outstanding Honduran artists, with over 40 years of painting the Honduran countryside. 

Garay graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes de Honduras, obtaining the title of Professor of Plastic Arts, and began his career painting the Honduran rural woman, however, his passion for the picturesque countryside of Honduras was always evident in his works. 

Carlos Garay Honduras Artist

His paintings have traveled around the world with diplomats and politicians, and can also been seen at international galleries such as the William McAdoo Gallery of Santa Fe, New
Mexico and the Sagebrush Gallery in Sanibel, Florida.  His works can also be found in the private collection that belongs to Vatican City. 

The 1986 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica refers to Garay as follows: “…  The two most important Honduran artists of the XX century are the painter Carlos Garay and the primitivism Jose Antonio Velazquez…”  Garay is an impressionist, who masters the use of thick paint. 

His paintings are famous for his impeccable perspective, fine drawings, and brilliant manaCarlos Garay Honduras Artistgement of light.

Garay has earned international recognition and is considered one of the best contemporary Latin American painters. 

During the Chicago Art Fair in 2001, where paintings by some of the World’s best artists, such as Picasso, Delaunay, Miró and Leger where on exhibit, the Latin American exhibit included paintings by Tamayo, Diego Rivera, Pedro Coronel, Remedios Varo, Joaquin Torres Garcia, Carlos Garay, Wilfredo Lam and Daniel Orozco amongst others. 

Garay has received several international recognitions, some of which are the following: Best young painter in the first edition of Honduran Institute of Inter American Culture; The “Andres Bello” distinction, issued in 1981 by the government of Venezuela; The “Pablo Zelaya Sierra” National Art prize issued by the government of Honduras in 1983.

He has participated in many art shows around the world, including the USA, Europe, South America, and Mexico.

Carlos Garay Honduras Artist 

Carlos Garay currently lives in Tegucigalpa, were he has a studio and continues his work as a dedicated painter.  He can be seen in his gallery at Colonia Palermo No.  C 1831, Calle Venecia, telephone 235 7728


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