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Artist Virginia Castillo Virginia Castillo
La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras, 1949
Tel. 441-2733

Better known as Virgie, Virginia Castillo was born in La Ceiba, but brought up in Roatan.  Honduras Artist Virginia castillo

Her paintings are inspired by the surroundings she grew up in, the colorful Caribbean setting as well as a strict church dominated society.

A self-taught artist, Virgie began painting as a young girl, but it was not until the early 80s when she seriously dedicated herself to painting.

Her paintings can be seen at her art gallery located on the main streHonduras Artist Virginia Castilloet in Coxen Hole, Roatan as well as at her kiosk at the Mega plaza mall in La Ceiba.
Honduras Artist Virginia Castillo
Virgie describes her style as “colorful and unpredictable”. 

The female figure plays an important role in many of her paintings, which reflect the local customs and the unique lifestyle of the Caribbean coast of Honduras.

Ganando dinero rapido


Guillermo MahchiGuillermo Mahchi Honduras Artist
El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras, 1953
(504) 647-4539

Mahchi has had numerous exhibits in Honduras and abroad.  His most recent exhibition in 2004, Terranostra, featured the perils and tribulations of Central American illegal immigrants to the USAGuillermo Mahchi Honduras Artist, seeking to fulfill the “American Dream” were a total success.

The show took place at the Marriott Tegucigalpa in Honduras and at SOMARTS, the San Francisco Municipal Art Gallery in February 2004.

He has received many prizes for his artwork, both at national and international exhibits, aGuillermo Mahchi Honduras Artistnd lives in El Progreso, 25 minutes east of San Pedro Sula, were appointments can be scheduled.

The Mahchi Art Gallery in Copan Ruins features his art, as well as some of the most creative handicrafts from Honduras.  His work can also be admired throughout the Marriott Tegucigalpa Hotel.


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